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Division Initiatives

St. John's Residents are 'Curbing It!'

Residents of St. John's are maintaining their 70 per cent participation rate. This means that 7 out of every 10 homes, are regularly putting recycling to the curb - WAY TO GO ST. JOHN'S!

Curbside Recycling Pilot Project

In May 2007 the City of St. John's began a recycling pilot program in part of Downtown and part of Cowan Heights.

The bulk of the data from the Recycling Pilot Project was collected and analysed from May to November 2007 and was used to help develop the citywide curbside recycling program beginning in the fall of 2010.

Some points of interest include:
  • Participation rates increased for both the Downtown and Cowan Heights Areas during the study period. Downtown increased from 29% to 40% while Cowan Heights increased from 47% to a high of 65%.
  • Interestingly, while Cowan Heights had higher participation rates among residents, the Downtown had higher diversion rates. Downtown participants properly diverted approximately 75% of their waste compared with an approximate 45% diversion rate among Cowan Heights participants.

The Recycling Pilot Project began in May 2007 and continued through to October 2010 until the City-wide curbside recycling program was implemented.

Future Composting

The City of St. John’s is working towards a future launch of a curbside organics (compostables) collection program. When a new Central Compost Facility is up and running you’ll be able to dispose of your organics (banana peels, eggshells, coffee grains, etc) all at the curb.

Residents of St. John's will be notified well in advance of the curbside organics collection program beginning. 

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