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Residential Drop-Off Facilities

Notice: Due to the Canada Day holiday, the RDO will be closed Saturday July 1 and reopen on Tuesday July 4.

Our Residential Drop-Off Facility at Robin Hood Bay, 340 East White Hills Road, is free for use by all residents of the Eastern Region of the province. It’s open every Tuesday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., except statutory holidays. The Residential Drop-Off is not open on Mondays.

The Residential Drop-Off is for residents only. Waste coming from businesses and institutions, contractors, or landlords of rental properties, and waste haulers will not be accepted at the RDO. Those with commercial accounts will continue to report to the Scale House and landfill. Residents will no longer have access to the landfill— all drop-offs will take place at our clean and modern facility.

At the Residential Drop-Off, it’s as simple as:

1. Checking in with an attendant

2. Putting your items in the proper bin.

We advise residents to pre-sort all waste before arriving. Separate waste types

1. Household garbage
2. Recyclable papers / corrugated cardboard
3. Recyclable containers
4. Metals
5. Electronics

PLEASE NOTE: There is also a Household Hazardous Waste Facility at the
Residential Drop-Off. It’s open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. all year — click here for more details. 

Household Garbage Items

General Waste (must be bagged)
Food waste (must be bagged)
Glass, Broken dishes (must be secured)
Styrofoam (must be bagged)
Trees, branches
Leaves, grass (must be bagged)
Soil, Sods
Mattresses, box springs
Sofas, chairs, furniture
Vinyl siding, shingles
Doors (wood)
and other similar items


Paper Products and Containers must be sorted separately and placed in separate clear blue bags.Please rinse out any food, and remove caps and lids from bottles and containers. Check the bottom of containers to determine their plastic number. We take all types of plastics, except plastic film (bags) and polystyrene (styrofoam).

Paper Products include:

Newspapers and flyers
Computer paper
Writing paper, bond paper
Toilet paper and paper towel rolls
Egg cartons (the cardboard kind!)
Books (hard covers removed)
Magazines and catalogues
Shredded paper
Glossy paper
Paper bags
Corrugated cardboard (does not need to be bagged or bundled at the RDO)
and other similar items

Container Products include:

Pop and beverage cans
Tin cans
Plastic bottles (water, pop, etc)
Plastic containers (Such as ice cream, yogurt,
ketchup, detergent, bleach)
Milk cartons
Tetra paks
and other similar items
Corrugated Cardboard include:
Packing boxes
Moving boxes
appliance boxes, large or small


Empty Paint Cans
Doors (metal)
Metal Furniture & Cabinets
Metal Piping, Fencing & Wire
Lighting & Plumbing Fixtures
Household & Commercial Wiring
Wire Rope Cables
Washers and dryers
Metal Bathtubs
Hot water heater
Empty propane or helium tanks
and other similar items

Note: No car parts should be placed in the metal disposal unit.

Electronic Recycling

Desktop Printers
Display Devices
Vehicle Audio/Video Systems
Personal CD players
Home Theatre In-A-Box (HTB) Systems
Home Audio/Video Systems
DVD and CD players
Digital cable and satellite equipment
Non-Cellular Telephones

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