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Recycling Tips

Rinse your food containers - you can use leftover dishwater for this.

Recycling doesn’t take a lot of space. Blue bags can be stashed in many places to be filled. Under the sink next to your garbage bin is often a good choice.


When shopping, look for products that come in recyclable containers.

Buy in bulk. Bulk items usually have much less packaging and often cost less than items which have more packaging too.


Paper is heavy. Too much in one bag may be tough to get to the curb. Go with more than one blue bag of paper if you have to.

Labels don’t have to be removed from cans and bottles when preparing them for recycling. But you do have to remove the lids and caps. Bottle tops are often made from a different plastic than the container.


Glass is not accepted in the curbside recycling program. Green Depots take deposit-return glass bottles such as wine bottles. To learn the location of Green Depots contact the MMSB at www.mmsb.nl.ca or 1-800-901-MMSB.


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