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When Is My Collection Day




Please be advised that there will be no Garbage or Recycling collection on Monday September 1, 2014 due to the Labour Day holiday.

Garbage and Recycling collection for Area 1A and Area 2A will take place on Tuesday September 2, 2014. Garbage collection for Area 1B and Area 2B will take place on Tuesday September 2, 2014.

Please note that Garbage and (or) Recycling collection may not be at the normal time. Garbage and Recycling must be placed to the curb between the hours of 6 am and 8 am.


From April 1 to November 30 each year garbage must be completely covered by placing it in a bin with a lid or with a net or blanket. Net's must have maximum mesh size 1 inch by 1 inch. Recycling in blue bags does not have to be covered.


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Since October 18th, 2010 when the curbside recycling program began, the City of St. John's moved to a Fixed Collection Schedule.  

With the Fixed Collection Schedule your collection day will almost always be the same day of the week, unless it falls on a statutory holiday. Curbside garbage is collected every week, and recyclables are collected every second week. 

Garbage and recycling can be picked up at your address if certain regulations, including a 10 bag limit for each curbside entrance, are met. For further details on what waste can be put to the curb and how it must be placed for collection click here.

The 10 bag limit for each of garbage and recycling also applies to businesses, condominimums, apartment buildings and other commercial or institutional properties.

Collection calendars are mailed out in mid December. Look inside your Garbage & Recycling Reference Guide for a version of your calendar or, you can download a version below. You can also request a paper copy by calling 311.

On weeks that do not have major holidays the fixed-day garbage collection schedule is as follows:

Collection Areas Garbage Pick-up Recycling Pick-up
1A & 1B Mondays Biweekly; check your calendar
2A & 2B Tuesdays Biweekly; check your calendar
3A & 3B Wednesdays Biweekly; check your calendar
4A & 4B Thursdays Biweekly; check your calendar
5A & 5B Fridays Biweekly; check your calendar



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