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You cannot bring bags of leaves to Bowring Park or Quidi Vidi Lake.

  Mulch your leaves

Save your time, your money and your back and help improve your lawn health by mulching leaves right on your lawn! There's no need to rake your leaves, buy bags or lug the bags to the curb when you mulch your leaves.

Leaf mulching is the process of shredding leaves with your lawn mower or leaf shredder and using them as mulch on your lawn and garden.
Leaf mulch gives nutrients back to the soil. Your lawn and gardens will require less fertilizer and other additives. Leaf mulch also helps retain moisture in soil and prevents the growth of weeds.

View the brochure about leaf mulching
by clicking here.


   2013 Curbside Leaf Collection Pilot Program

In the Fall of 2013 an information package was mailed out to residential households in St. John's.

View the brochure about the leaf collection program by clicking here.

Use paper yard waste bags

Paper yard waste bags are available at many hardware stores and buillding centres. 

There's no limit to the amount of paper yard waste bags full of fallen leaves that you can put at the curb on your garbage day.

These leaves and bags will decompose and be used in landscaping at the Robin Hood Bay Waste Management Facility.

Use plastic garbage bags

If you put your fallen leaves in plastic garbage bags and put them at the curb on your garbage day, these bags count towards your 10 bag limit for weekly garbage.

Leaves in plastic garbage bags will go in the landfill and have no further use.


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