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Used tires from passenger and light trucks are not disposable at Robin Hood Bay. On April 1, 2002, Provincial Government regulations for the Used Tire Recycling Program placed a ban on the disposal of used tires in municipal waste disposal sites in Newfoundland and Labrador, including at Robin Hood Bay.

The City of St. John's is now accepting OTR Tires for disposal. These “Off The Road” tires (OTRs) include tires with rim diameters greater than 24.5”, construction tires, tractor tires, forklift tires and other industrial and/or off-road tires. OTR tires must be off the rims.

Generators of OTR tires should coordinate with Robin Hood Bay for scheduled deliveries of the tires. Loads of OTR tires are subject to a processing fee of presently $170 per tonne. We accept OTR tires at Robin Hood Bay twice a year for two weeks in the spring and two week in the fall.

The ban on the disposal of passenger and light truck tires at municipal waste sites is still in effect. However consumers can leave their used tires, at no cost, with a tire retailer upon the purchase of new tires. They can also be returned to a tire retailer at a later date in manageable quantities during the retailer's normal business hours.

For more information on the Used Tire Recycling Program contact the Multi Material Stewardship Board.

City of St. John's