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Why do I have to pay a tipping fee?

All municipalities and commercial users of the landfill must pay tipping fees to cover the costs associated with operating the facility, including the City of St. John’s.  

Where does all the money go?

The money covers all operating costs at Robin Hood Bay. We have expensive equipment that must be paid for, maintained, and fuelled. There are operators for the equipment. Spotters are in place to ensure the safety of all persons and vehicles using the site and speed up the process of waste disposal. There are security personnel ensuring the safety and security of the site.  

Why is the tipping fee different for garbage and recycling?

We want to encourage recycling, so the fee is set lower for that material. The landfill will last much longer when we don’t put recyclable items in it, so we want to encourage businesses to recycle too and not throw everything in the garbage.  

I don’t have very much waste to dispose of. Can I use the Residential Drop-Off?

The Residential Drop-Off is for residential users only. All commercial users, large and small, must go through the scale house. Use of the Residential Drop-Off is closely monitored and any commercial users of that facility will be turned away.  

I have a small business. Can I put my garbage and recycling out to the curb?

As long as you follow all City sanitation regulations, you can place your garbage at the curb. Two of the main sanitation regulations are putting out 10 or less bags of garbage weekly, and setting it to the curb before 8 a.m. on collection day.  

I own an apartment building. How do I help my tenants to recycle in your curbside recycling program?

Contact your waste hauler to discuss getting bins that your tenants can put recycling into. They will use clear blue bags the same as all other residents do and separate their recyclables into containers and paper. The bins that you get should be clearly marked so your tenants know which is for containers and which is for paper.

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